Aviator game in India Review

Aviator game in India Review
December 29, 2023

Aviator is one of the most popular Crash games in the world, including in India, developed by the Spribe provider. The extreme popularity of the game is ensured by the fact that the outcome depends not only on players’ luck, but also on decisions taken. Moreover, the gameplay and rules of the aviator game (https://aviatorgameonline.in/predictor/) are simple, so only two clicks and luck are enough to get that winnings. 

On this page you will get the main information about the Aviator online game and discover its main features.

Main Characteristics of the Aviator Crash Game

Aviator is an innovative Crash game powered by Provably Fair technology. It  has an RTP of 97% and medium volatility. In the table below is highlighted the main information about it:

Year of release:2019
Betting Limits:0.1 USD (about 8 INR) / 100 USD (about 8,300 INR)
Features: Auto betting; Auto cash out; Live chat; Statistics 
Graphics Quality:HD
Protective algorithm:Provably Fair

How to play the Aviator crash game?

Aviator game in India Review

Starting playing Aviator game is easy and you can use the instructions below to make it as fast and clear as possible: 

  1. Open the game and make your bet before the round starts.  

Each user can make one or two bets in the same round.

  1. Watch a virtual plane to take off.

When the round starts the plane starts to fly on and while it is gaining altitude the multiplier grows.

  1. Make a cash out and get your Winnings.

At any time of the round, you need to make a Cashout to get your winnings before the plane crashes or flies away. 

The amount of your winnings depends on the multiplier at the moment of the cashout. If you don’t make the cashout before the plane crashes or flies away, you will lose.

Special Aspects and Features of the Aviator Game

To quickly start playing the Aviator game, familiarize yourself with its basic rules, which are provided below: 

  • Each user can place one or two bets before the start of the round;
  • Cashout can be made at any moment of the round;
  • The amount of your winnings depends on the value of the multiplier at the time of the flight;
  • The multiplier grows steadily while the plane is flying;
  • If you don’t make a cash out before the plane flies away, you lose;
  • The outcome of each round is completely random, as the Aviator game uses Provably Fair technology  and random number generator.

Interface of the Aviator 

The interface of the Aviator is simple and clear, which is definitely an advantage, as players can quickly understand the gameplay. The main elements of it are as follows:

  • Animated broadcast through which players can watch the game: how the plane files and multiplies grow;
  • Betting fields where you can place bets: one or two;
  • Statistics where you can check results and multipliers for previous rounds, as well as other players’ bets; 
  • Live chat where you can communicate with other players and discuss the aviator online game or strategies.

Аutо Betting and Аutо Саshоut Features

The aviator game has two features, which makes it easier and can make some actions instead of you. 

Auto betting feature places bets of a certain amount automatically before the start of each round. As the breaks between rounds in Aviator are only 5 seconds it is not enough for some players to be able to make their bet. 

Auto Cashout feature makes automatic cashouts at a certain value of the multiplier as soon as the plane reaches it.

Aviator Game Algorithm

The aviator game is runned by the Provably Fair technology, which is a modified Random Number Generator. The outcome for each round is determined directly during the flight, so it is impossible to influence and predict it. Also, the results for all players are the same, and the results for previous rounds can be checked by any users.

Aviator Game: Advantages and Disadvantages

Aviator has both advantages and disadvantages, however the number of pros significantly exceeds the number of cons. They are highlighted in the table below:

You can get winnings in just 2 clicksThere is a risk of losing, as all results are random and can not be predicted
The interface and rules of the aviator game are very simplethe usage of strategies can not guarantee you a victory
You can influence the outcome by your decisions
Aviator works on the Provably Fair algorithm, so the game is transparent for each user
The outcome of each round is the same for all players 
The maximum multipler per round is 200x
The RTP in 97%

Demo Version of the Aviator Game

Players of the Aviator can play not only for real money, but also in the demo mode, which provides a virtual balance for placing bets. The mechanics in the demo version are absolutely the same as in the live version. the demo mode has the following advantages: 

  • New players can familiarize themselves with the gameplay and game process before betting for real money;
  • There is no risk to lose real money;
  • Experienced users can test new strategies; 
  • You can play just for fun.  


The Aviator game is a great choice for all users who are looking for short rounds and high winnings. The game has lots of benefits, interesting features and simple rules. Moreover, the outcome of the game depends only on your actions.